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da tabbies o trout towne

daisy....ewe get a one yeer pass with usin de B werd til ya get de hang oh stuff...just rememburr that de followin holly dayz yur s'pozed ta eat pizza pie; new yeerz day; ground hogz day, heartz day oh love, st pats day, easturr, momz day, memorial day, dadz day, 4th oh joo lie, labor day, howl o ween, PIE day and de dood in red day ~~~~ we mite a forgetted a few heer but an eazee way ta never forget itz ta just keep BURD outta yur houz 25/8/366 !! hope yur holly day waz a grate one; N start makin a list N checkin it twice coz santa on hiz way in bout 27 dayz !!!! YAY !!!!!!

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