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Laurence Simon

Which of these would you like added to the banner at COTC home page? I think the third is perfect.



Great photos...but what WERE you thinking? Oh..I know...that WE'RE the smart ones.

I once stood a feather-tail mousie lure tied to a kitty fishing pole in the hall closet.

Zozo fished it out from under the door and wrapped the line around everything in sight...then ate the tail and threw up on my pillow.

You gotta love 'em.


Carnival of Cats #90 is up at Quite Early One Morning, featuring some of my favorites, including Mind of Mog, Melange, I-Pets, Caturday, StrangeRanger, and Music & Cats. Of course, I like my entry: Dogs vs Cats at Bloggin' Outloud. Great series of pics! Thanks, Lyn


Thanks for the kind words! Actually, this isn't really a Christmas time issue here. This happens just about any time I open my sock drawer. Herself gets in and starts to burrow, and can hang out there for half an hour or more. There really wasn't a catnip toy in the drawer, but it seemed like it would be a funny idea. It definitely fits in the "fake-but-accurate" category...

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