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Aw, poor Maddie (she's a beauty, by the way)! I'm sure she's so grateful that you got some help for her. Yay for the emergency vet! :o)
My cat, Miko, has callouses on the tips of her toe-pads because her claws sometimes get too long (we're still working on being more diligent about trimming them).


Hi, Margaret, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Maddie is a beauty. Even the folks at the emergency vet think so. Maddie's back on all 4 feet, and is now grumpy that we're not chasing her around the house.

Like you, we've got to be more diligent about those claws. We never thought we'd have to trim them because Maddie chews on them a lot, and we find them all over the house. Oh well, guess we'll have to learn. We hope Miko's pads stay nice and soft.


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