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Chris Smith

There will be noise at first, but as long as there are places to run and hide little damage will be done. You just have to wait until the old cat realizes the new one isnt going away and isnt costing her any food or attention.

You might try bribery. Open the door and sit in the doorway and feed treats to either side and let them his back and forth a while.

In my experience cats go to toleration mode in a pretty short time, like a few weeks. Before that they tend to avoid each other which reduces friction. Female cats especially seem to divide houses into my room and her room and neutral ground. Male cats tend to wander from room to room more randomly.

An older cat may like a haven to go to when a young cat is too physical even when they are used to each other. I had a new kitten and a 17 year old so when the little guy got big could be too rough even when playing.

So get some treats, open the door, get the first spits and growls over with and get them used to each other.

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