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Laurence Simon

The glowy-eyed one of ivy would be great in the Carnival of the Cats homepage banner. Is it 4 by 3? if so, let me know. -ls


I was worried too when I brought home my second one. By then my older cat (a Maine Coon mix, male) was two years old. Thankfully they haven't killed each other yet and it's been almost a year. I think you're okay as long as they don't draw blood. My cats did the same thing when they first came face to face for an extended period of time. They really seemed to be killing each other. I had to get on the internet and do some research but apparently all the roughhousing is a way for them to bond! I don't get it but they survived. They still roughhouse like that and they seem to be having fun. If either of the cats don't like it they let the other one know. Just keep a close eye on them and let them work it out. I think that's the best way to deal with the situation. I hope this helps!


Now I can keep tabs on Maddie & Ivy during the summer! Maddie still cracks me up, so adorable! Deann~

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