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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout's mom

Beautifully said. I "talk" with tons of other catbloggers, but Laurence was one of the first I found. I check in with him every day...for the kitty cats, as he calls them. I, too felt the tears when Eldoe went-the shock of seeing that empty collar just after he posted it had me crying uncontrollably. She looked alot like my Shaggy. And when I heard about Pipie all I could think was "oh, not Piper." She was his tiny bottle fed baby, who slept at his side every night. I think I feel so attached to his cats because of all the movies he posts of them really brings them into my home, they become mine,too, in a way.
I hope he knows how many people have been touched by his sharing them, and by the pain we all feel with him.


As the mommy of two meowys-and as someone whose been follwwing Lair and his "kids" for 2 1/2 years or so-well I couldn't have said it better myself.


That was gorgeously written.


A beautiful memorial to Piper and Edloe.

K T Cat

What a warmly written post. That was really well done. Beautiful.


Very aptly worded. Friendship is a funny thing: it can come in many shapes and forms.
There's a little Piper-shaped hole in my monitor right now, but I'll get used to it.
I'll get used to it, just as I am slowly getting used to never again hearing a joyeous woo-woo-rrl-grr-oof each morning. I know in a few years I will have to get used to never hearing an indignant MOAW in the morning when it rains hard outside anymore, or hear that plaintive "iew" and feel the full 5 kilos landing on my legs, or... they come and go, our beloved fur-friends, but the memories remain.
And they are all waiting for us at the end of the Bridge. Tails a-wagging and whiskers a-twitching happily ever after.
I can live with that.


A lovely post, and a lovely tribute.

There's absolutely no doubt that Laurence loves his cats. It's no put-on. It's not an act for the Internet. It's 100% genuine.

I've met his cats, and I've seen the way he relates to them. I've heard the anguish in his voice after losing Edloe - and now Piper.

You've nailed it. Thank you.

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