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The only advice I can give you is: let them sort it out for themselves. It may look downright ugly sometimes, with lots of growling and snarling and hissing, claw-swiping and blood-shed. But they have to establish a kind of order and us simians can't interfere.
Sometimes that gets real heart-breaking results, like our Caramel who decided to move over to the hospital next door when Zorro threatened to kill him once too often. Fortunately for all of us, Caramel has found some good nice people there at the elderly home behind the hospital.
But otherwise they can become companions like Bean Sidhe having charmed both Zorro and Loup-Garou into submission. Heck, we even caught Zorro playing with Bean Sidhe last week !!!!! That was p-lay-ing... not frigging murder ! Miracles do happen it seems...

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Tincture of time is probably the best. Unless its really violent, which it doesn't sound like it is. Scooby doesn't like Scout, he constantly hisses & growls at him. It just makes Scout all the more excited to torment him more by jumping out at him when he least expects it.
Hey, could you send Ivy over to clean out our air ducts?

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