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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Maddie I just want to reach out and stroke you!
No idea about the yowling. Sould your house be built on an ancient Indidan burial ground? Maybe she is communing with the spirits......


Maddie and Ivy do look at peace. Beautiful. Not sure what would be the cause of Ivy and her howls, but once in a while we have one that does that too. Of course my issues are probably bladder related as the three of the four girl kitty cats wont use litter box unless forced.

Stopping in to say hi and see these beautful babies! Peace!


Most beautiful cat ever seen, no doubt. I'd like to use her pictures in my blog.

Gayle Miller

Maddie appears to be related to my Sam.

My Siamese Tim just yowls because he CAN. And that may be the explanation for Ivy as well. Or maybe she's just lonely!

My boys sleep with me, but during the night if Tim gets up for a snack or just a wander, he'll start to cry in the hallway because he can't remember where his Mom and brother are! I didn't say he was SMART!

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