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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Our computer has been on the fritz and we haven't checked in lately. We didn't know (or didn't retain the info) that Ivy is an elderly cat. Glad she is doing well (and found you too).


Is Ivy a Maine Coon? Our Amber suffers from too much fur too but I have to admit I about fainted when the groomer said Amber would have to be shaved. My daughter and I have been using scissors and a comb but poor Amber's cut is very uneven! :P


Hi SSS, yeah, Ivy's an old girl. We don't know exactly how old Ivy is, but the vet estimated between 12 and 16 years old when we found her. We decided to split the diff and call her 14 then, so we figure she's 15 now. We do wish we knew more of her story...
Cassie, Ivy's probably not a Maine Coon. Maddie is a pure-bred MC and the differences between the girls are pretty evident. Ivy is nowhwere near Maddies size and doesn't have the tufty toes or the silky fur. Her ears, while modestly tufted, aren't as large or as mobile as Maddies. She's also not a vocal girl like Maddie. We think she's a good old American DLH. We surely don't love her any less for that.


Ivy is a trooper, for putting up with all that. Just very happy to hear she's doing so well.

And the wee paws! They made my day *chuckles*

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