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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

We live in a suburb of Mpls. and it was just chilling to watch the drama unfold before my eyes on tv. Usually it's "somewhere else" that these things happen, not in your own town seeing all the familiar landmarks on tv. There is a lot of finger-pointing and speculation going on right now but no one can know until all the experts reach their conclusions. So many heart wrenching and awe inspiring stories in the paper and on the news every night. I want to go look at it because that really brings the reality and magnitude home but the officials have most roads around it closed and are discouraging lookers from coming out.
It is a major connector and traffic is going to be a mess for at least 3 years they are saying.
I'm am amazed more people didn't lose their lives.


Per the Tacoma Bridge,

Actually, properly engineered steel, concrete and asphalt ARE supposed to do that. There's a saying in engineering that goes, "It's gotta shake or it's gonna break." When you apply force to a rigid body, it snaps. When you apply force to a flexible body it bends. Bending is generally preferable to breaking.

If you every are on an upper floor of a sky scraper on a windy day you'll feel it swaying in the wind. It's the ability to flex and bend with it's environment that actually prevents bridges and buildings from breaking.

Of course even the most flexible objects can eventually reach a breaking point, and ALL manufactured items need proper maintenance.

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