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Great Hallowe'en commentary, Ivy! I adopted a black kitten 3 weeks ago (now I have 2 black & one Meezer), and he is crazy. He's driving the other two mad, and he eats like a horse ... or a tiger ... or something. He looooves the groceries!


Thank you for your carnival submission.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Many adoption places will not adopt black cats out in Oct. because of abuse potential. Sad but true, so if one must have a black cat, there are other months to do it.
We LOVE Sparta!! Every time I see Scout asleep in the sink, I sing the line from the original Bad Kitty video..."When I go to find him he's asleep in the sink!"
Ivy, you are a lovely halloween spokeskitty.


Ivy could never be anything but adorable ;)

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