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I wish I had sound guidance for you. One of my cats runs to me when he hears the pill bottle because he's taken medication his whole life and he can't live without affection--and he knows he'll get lots of lovin' if he takes his meds. Pilling him is no more difficult than drinking a glass of water.

Another of mine is the complete opposite: He takes great emotional offense at being pilled, and he'll do whatever it takes to avoid swallowing the medication--even if that includes walking away as though nothing happened just to spit it out in another room. He's quite the sneaky one!

With seven cats, even I have to modify my approach based on the individual involved--and I've not found a one-size-fits-all approach that works for all them. I wish I had better news. Perhaps someone else can offer more sound advice.

Still, I'm thrilled you're staying on top of Ivy's condition and doing your best to deal with it sans major trauma.

And both of them look awfully fine in these photos. Thanks for taking such good care of them!


I've heard a lot of people who swear by Pill Pockets, though I've never tried them:


I used to have luck with *small* pills feeding them in a teaspoon of yogurt, ice cream or baby food (one of the meat varieties), depending on the cat's tastes. I know it's not easy, and I wish you all the luck. Ivy sure was lucky when she picked the Rangers.

Riley & Tiki

Mommy uses a pill shooter with me and gives me treats afterwards. Now when she gets out my pill, she has to shoo away my brothers because they want one too.


uh oh. I am crossing my fingers for Ivy. Really.

Oh, and I am admiring wee feet too! :))

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Oh Ivy honey, you need to take your pills and cooperate! I've never had too hard a time pilling, though I've not had to do it too often. I just walk up to the cat in a no nonsense fashion and pry open the mouth and toss back the pill as far as I can. Of course I have to be tricky about going outside to open the pill bottle, otherwise the cat will hear me and hide! But they get wise to me going outside prior to the pill tossing, so they hide anyway when they hear the door. Hard to keep one step ahead of them! Sorry I'm not much help......! But they are such smart little buggers!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

PS: Maddie, you are one sweet little gal!! We love your ear tufts and those darling little feet in the are are irristible! We wish we could reach through the screen and rub those toesies and snorgle that floofy belly of yours!!!!


I hope Ivy is feeling better. I have always found that shots are much more tolerable by cats than pills and much easier to administer. Ask your vet it it is possible to get the same medication in shot form. Otherwise can you crush the pill and add it to food or anything that you know that she will eat in a small amount to verify that it is all gone? Or melt it with a few drops of water? Pilling can be such a pain for both cat and human. I say go for the shots. I was really surprised how one of my cats came around after I switched to shots. A miracle for both of us as he was brand new to me.

Good luck and get well Ivy you are bootiful.

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