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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Everyone who has to give subQ at home say it is really easy to do, so don't be too worried about it. Plus it makes the cat feel good, so they tolerate it well. Don't beat yourselves up about overheating her. She's a heat seeking furball and you did what you thought was best, Who would have known? I've seen heated cat beds you can buy, but I don't know what temp they keep to. I'm glad she's not stressed by her haircut. She sure is a trooper!


Trooper, indeed. My sister had to give subQ to one of her cats for a year or more, and had no problem. Binkie (the cat in question) could be rather a pill about some procedures, but never minded the fluid-thing at all. Best wishes, Rangers & kittehs!

Margaret Cloud

It is too bad that Ivy has to suffer so much, I hope she continues to recover. When my Melody was alive, I fed her the dry cat food for urinary track, that protects their kidneys. I am saying a prayer for Ivy, hope you all have a nice Easter.


ah, Ivy. my all time favourite warrior..... she sure shows us all what a wonderful fighting spirit she has. And I'm positive Maddie will miss her company!

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