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PJ and the 6 Pack

We do NOT like to visit TED either! Feel better soon and tell The Evil Doctor to take a hike. Sending purrs your way.


I know I've said it before, but you're great kitty parents. I love the look on Ivy's face in the pic where she's calculating the jump to the sofa-back. If she can do complicated maths in her head, she's doing better than me! Many skritches to her and the lovely Maddie.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

She was probably tired and a bit stressed from the vet visit which would account for the extra tired legs. The back of that couch absolutely ROCKS doesn't it old gal??!!
Regarding the laundry....The Rangers need to switch to all black undies & towels to help with the camoflauge issue. It is important to accommodate the cat at all times!

Karen Jo

I am sorry to read that Ivy is so sick. I hope that the subQ fluids will help her. I love how comfy she looks when she gained the top of the sofa.


Ivy is a true bloe trooper, and she knows it...


sorry... BLUE...

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