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Wait, from all the way out here in Singapore? lol. Ok, so... how do you wake your sweetheart up? I mean, if I can hear her, I can scritch her yes? ;)

Or can I grab her upended paws? The feets are sooooo cute!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Ooohhh look at that floofy belly & those darling feetsies!
I've never heard of a cat snoring so loud that she disturbs her peoples sleep! Glad you are getting it checked out, and hope it turns out to be no big deal!
Kiss-Kiss Maddie!

Nursing top

Wow what a cute and wonderful cat!! Hmm lovely to hug!!I wish i could have a cat like that..

Egypt & The Musketeers

The snoring means Maddie had a hard day doing kitty stuff. :)

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