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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Ranger you are such a wonderful guy, thank you for worrying about and supporting Shaggy! Scooby has healed nicely, His fur is growing back, slowly, and the spot will be hidden soon.
Thank you for your recommendations you left for us. I've seen Newman's at our Petco and will pick up a couple cans to try. He really dug into that a/d but they said it's very high cal so it's not for him long term.(The other thing his x-ray revealed that I didn't mention was, and I quote the vet here: "his beer belly" which is a topic for another day. I asked about side effects for the Benadryl and they said it doesn't seem to affect animals like it does people with the sleepyness, but who can really tell with cats, hmmm? The tech gives it to her Jack Russell and he remains hyper. I have heard about lysine and will ask him about it too.
Thanks again, Ranger, for all your kind advice.
xxxooo to Maddie!

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