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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

Best wishes to Casa de la Ranger for quick healing and a quick turn around to the crud. I put off going into the Dr. for a cold that lasted all month until 2 days before leaving for Phoenix. It's a classic "why didn't I go in sooner" scenario. Yep: bronchitis & a sinus infection. Got a z-pack. Still in Phx for another week and the head is still draining down ye olde throat. But the sun in itself is a cure all, I swear it! Good job to Maddie on her careful and responsible nursing duties! Good to see a cat who takes her job responsibly! Go girl!


Oh dear. We're purring you all get better soon.


Good golly... sinus infections all around. Mine comes and goes, which is a bugger!

Hope things on your end clear up fast though. All hail nurse Maddie! :)

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