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Shaggy and Scout

We're sure Lady appreciates your efforts! And you are pretty when you're being fierce!

Yeah. Patches....I don't want him here anymore. My husband is fond of him however. Patches & Scout fight all the time and he pees by the stove, by the back door and the deck door. We found that he jumped up & peed on the seat one of our dining room chairs and it ate the varnish right off! I am so fed up with this. My elderly friends daughter said when I first took him in, if it doesn't work out to call her & she'd take him but really didn't want to because she has an elderly cat too and didn't want to disrupt it. In my opinion our house is totally disrupted and I want him outta here. But I feel I'd be letting my friend down if I do that. *sigh* I'm tired of watching him every minute and pretty much keep him shut in his bedroom most of the day. He doesn't groom himself and won't let us use the comb on him, so he has tons of matts. I'm going to call & get him his annual lion cut this week. The prozac was too much of a pain to give him and the Feliway diffusers don't make a bit of difference. Any advice?

da tabbies o trout towne

maddie...grate job on guardin de shooz and de houz frum de vizshuz rood burd featherz.....

ewe knead sum trout flounder N mackerull aza ree ward :)

Lee County Clowder

Way to guard those shoes, Maddie.

Shaggy and Scout

Hi John, No! You did not insult me with the comment about the dual boxes. In fact I've never heard of that before. He only had one at his old house, but then he was the only cat there. I have a total of 5 boxes on 2 floors of the house. He just uses his own(in his room, when hes not using the stove!) and the other S&S uses all of them, including P's.. I'd like it to be exclusively for Patches but I can't manage that. Actually P has not peed on anything for about 2 weeks (hope I didn't just jinx it). Perhaps the cycle is broken. He spends most of the day in his room because Scout stalks him and I think he's fine with that. He is old and really sleeps much of the day away. He comes out when my husband comes home, maybe he feels safer. I relaxed about him and the situation after I talked to the vet when I took him in for the shave. She said after 7 months this is probably just the way its going to be. My heart softened toward him then and I've been loving on him more. I'm sure he was picking up on my anger before and that stressed him too. I'm much more calm around him now. I bought some more Feliway diffusers last week to see how they work now after a break, since they ran out early March. Can't hurt, I figure. He hasn't gained weight since I got him even though he eats twice as much! 8.5, his ideal is 10, so he is underweight. Compared to S&S at 15 & 18 he's tiny! Like lifting nothing!

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