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Elvira Mistress of Felinity

Love those wonderful pictures!

da tabbies o trout towne

another set of awesum pictures maddie...hugs from dai$y and the boys ~~

Shaggy and Scout

She's the perfect accessory for any room.
I'll blog about it when he leaves, but things will be fine for Patches. My friends daughter told me when I took him that if things didn't work out to call her. But she didn't take him herself because she had 2 elderly cats set in their ways too. Neither of us thought I'd make that call. It was after the vet told me that after nearly 8 months that things most likely would not change, with the marking or relations with Scout. Then I knew it was going to rough going for however long we had him and as spry as he is for 18 it could be awhile. So I called her daughter. Turns out both her old cats died in the intervening months and she would be happy to have Patches. He will get to see his original mom now & then too. She had water damage in her apartment and the bathroom & hallway is being re-done but I think by mid-July he will make the move. He really is a sweet cat, I'll miss him but I am glad he had the safety and love of my home for this time.

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