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Shaggy and Scout

EEwwww! Geez that stuff is disgusting looking, even though I realize its enlarged 13951x mag. (Says so on the picture, I'm not "that" smart! Just look at how those nasty wormy things have their ishy little probe things burrowed in! *gag*
Anyway.....IBD can be rough stuff but there is tons of information and advice out there in addition to what your vet can tell you but I understand from the other cat people in the blogosphere that it's rough but manageable. Maybe a bab bug got into the house and she ate it, or perhaps something from her food on her birthday...something in the cheese perhaps?
In any event, good luck medicating her without the help of a kitty sized straitjacket. A novena is a nine-day prayer so she's got a lot more coming down the pipeline! Plus I lit a candle at church for her and for all animals that suffer from illness, mistreatment, homelessness and abuse. (It's great being Catholic, there's so much you can do to pour your worry into. Although as a convert, I didn't grow up with this stuff, it feels good to be able focus thoughts in a positive way. Take care Ranger & LR....Maddie, rest easy and cut the people some slack with the meds, they love you so!
Lynne, Shaggy & Scout

da tabbies o trout towne

maddie...ba jezuz N whoa, just in time for halloween thoze iz sum scaree lookin werms. even uz wood knot take em fishin....cranbereez. we STILL be shoutin it out ta R pal ST Francis ta see ewe thru this. him doez knot mind and we dont mind askin him. we trooly hope de damn things get outta yur system N never come bak. all sew, pleez ta tell yur staff ta chek out de website


seer ee iz lee...we wood copy N gloo de link but we iz usin de ipad N frank lee dunno how. de site be run by a friend we haz known for ever N haz sum veree good info.

we noe this haz been decweek frum hell...keep up yur spirits, eat sum trout, N we hope ya iz on de road ta ree coveree sew fast, ya get a speedin tickit.

try n enjoy de week oh end N when yur dad iz givin ya a pillz N medisin hidden in sum food....plleez think oh it az...flounder

mor purrayers headed yur way


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