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da tabbies o trout towne

maddie....we iz WAY happee ewe R home, still sendin de blessings oh ST Francis yur way, him haz plentee ta spare. dont forget ta ask for de tee ve ree mote, ax cess ta de computer, garfield on dee vee dee 24/7, pazzwerd ta de home shoppin by petsmart web page, yur choize oh mewsic on de ray dee oh, 45 blankits, 73 snax trays filled N reddy ta bee brought two yur side, a match for de cone oh shame AND sum flounder...just coz. XXXX. bee well~~~~~

Shaggy and Scout

John, I am so sorry I did not read your note left on the blog two days ago! I have been terribly lax lately with keeping up with my blog and visiting. Since this was posted Tuesday and you've posted nothing as an update I take that to be a good sign. Oh poor Maddie, poor Rangers! How terribly scary to see her start vomiting blood...I would be in a utter panic! You have my much belated and continued prayers that her prognosis is a simple one that is easily dealt with. I will continue to pray as I said and will start a novena to St. Francis for her tonight.
Please contact me on my email:

Shaggy and Scout

Ranger, I'm worried.
How is Maddie? Waiting for an update....or see email address in last post. Lynne, Shaggy & Scout

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