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Shaggy & Scout

Thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday wishes for Shaggy! Maddie, I can totally picture you as a feline Grace Kelly in you con-purr-tible! Thanks for the smile you gave me this morning regarding the senior kitty interior package. I am 54 (a young 54, mind you!)but just last week turned on the heated seat in my car to help my backache, even though it was about 78 outside. Have you seen the Maxine cartoons? Maddie is a feline Maxine if I've ever seen one. Blessings and thanks for your friendship, Ranger! -Lynne

Shaggy & Scout

Getting down on one arthritic knee....
"Maddie, May I have the honor of escorting you to the Senior Prom?" -Shaggy

da tabbies o trout towne

maddie...hold de may on da ham samich...waddya meen two mor yeerz....

ewe haz never hurd oh de "trout & drive skewl oh auto motive licensing".... haz ya....

we can guarunteez ewe a DL in 3 dayz ore R names R knot burd ree lated....

pluz ya can put any pick sure on yur license ya want...knot just de furst thing that comes outta de camera we use...

ya wanna look like a tiger....we can due that...ya wanna look like Ms. Kelly.... we think we can due that....

any way, happee week oh head, we noe mizzter iz lookin for werd ta a summer vacation :)♥♥

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