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Elvira  and Sneakers

Hi Maddie!


As for the bag licking and biting....

Supervised play may be OK, the medical opinion seems to be, but there is a name for this interest, and things to watch out for...



Hi E & S! Thanks for the note! It's really heart-warming to know we were missed.
Don't worry, Maddie's time with the plastic bags is always supervised. She never bites or chews them. She simply licks them. I've been told that plastic bags like this are coated in the factory with a very fine corn-starch spray that prevents them from clinging too tightly together and that's what cats like to lick. I didn't mention that in my post 'cause I have no confirmation but I guess I'll indulge in rampant speculation now.
Maddie doesn't do any other non-food chewing or licking, really (save for chewing on my hand when it's time to stop brushies), so I think she's not doing the pica thing.
I do appreciate your comment. It's good to know there's someone else out there willing to go to bat for a cat.

da tabbies o trout towne

ba jezuz maddie; we dont see ya for a month N ya ree tern onlee for uz ta heer ya went ta de dark side N we iz knot talkin darth vader...

BURD ???
turkee burd....TURKEE BURD ???

N de next time ya haz de houz ta yur self ....send up de green flag....itza signal that while de peepulz iz a way ...de catz will play !!

nice ta see ya bak, glad de in law is doin aye oh kay ♥

Shaggy & Scout

Well, goodness...! We missed your return! Glad to read all is well and you got all the problems licked!

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