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Shaggy & Scout

Shaggy's steps are from Dr. Foster & Smith. $54 and free shipping.Fully assembled! They advise 2 weeks for shipping but I got them in 4 days because they ship from Wisconsin & I'm in Minnesota. There was a 4 step set that would take him level with the padding on the bed but the base would jut too far out, so I figured the padded edge could be the top step and it works perfectly. They have some other designs too. This is 28 pounds, so nice & solid. We had to place him twice on the step so he would connect more easily connect what they are for, then he got it. He can see the light colored carpet in the night too! I highly recommend these for Maddie! Lynne

da tabbies o trout towne

maddie....tossin sum blessings o st francis two ewe just coz we can, he can ...N we're all happee ta due sew....

ya noe if de mizzturr & mizzez wood carry ewe frum point A ta point Z....this inn so dent wood knot occur; if de mizzturr & de mizzuz wood ree move ewe from perch B ta de floor point C; thiz wood knot oh curr; if de mizzturr & mizzez wood pick ewe up from said point C & place ewe on said perch B; thiz wood knot occur...

bottom line, make de staff werk for ther keep

AND if yur knot fond oh stepz....ya can get walk way rampz two !! ♥

happee week oh head...sounds like sum ones due sum cheeze

p s...we hurd ya heer in TT...grate voice :)


da tabbies o trout towne

stoppin by again with sum mor cheeze N mor blessings frum R pal Frank ♥ hope ewe iz doin better maddie ~~

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