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da tabbies o trout towne

maddie...we heer ya on de hole burd thing....pleez all sew ask de food serviss peepulz ta raiz yur food N water dishez off de floor if they R knot all reddy.

even uz 7 yeer oldz eat N drink frum raized dishes...it sure helps knot havin ta "crouch" ta eat ore drink.

sum hardback books werk grate at bring inn yur dishes up to bout chest height ...

heerz ta a burdd free cheeze filled week a head ♥♥♥

Shaggy & Scout

Even though that looks like a nest Maddie, we know there are no chicken genes in you at all! Maybe you could try a few sarcastic "cluck-cluck's when Ranger passes by next time just to rib him a bit for making that crack.

Shaggy & Scout

Just catching up on your posts that I missed Maddie & Ranger. Lots of good memories there with the Wee Tuxie Ivy!
Our boy is doing well, although there might be another lung surgery pending if the docs decide it is warranted. Ian would prefer to just get on with his life, but thems the breaks.

Ellen Pilch

This is my first visit, you are vry pretty.

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