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da tabbies o trout towne

maddie...conga ratz two yur peepulz on ther annie fur sarry & bee lated wishes two them ♥♥ heerz ta another 23~~

N waterz knot sew bad troo lee.....we sail de 17 seez, even if its onlee in R mindz eye...everee day....N de best part....DE FISHIN !!!! inn deed

hope thiz week ya get sum CHEEZE; lotz oh sun, grate weatherz, warm blankitz & happee week a head ♥♥♥

Kiril & the Kitties

Anny Happy Versary from all of us!

Maddie is adorable as usual. :-D

Pilch92 15andmeowing

Happy Anniversary! Maddie is a cutie!

Katie Kat and Lil Bear

Happy Purinversary! Howsumever we are a bit lates in concats cuz we just met you...

"You're getting those ideas of me as a ship's cat again, aren't you?!? ...This wee tabby does not deal with water! I am the Captain of the Blanket Ship, you hear me?!? The USS Fuzzy Beds Rock!! Nothing wetter than this!"

I just love your posting format! So funny and delightful... Purrz from Katie Kat and Lil Bear.


Happy belated wishes on your anniversary :)

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