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Let's see, I never got this comment thing to work. Kiril has helped me immensely with carnival duties. I've been handling it since Robyn couldn't back before 2010. But since hosts have dwindled, he has taken up the lion's share of hosting and has earned editor privilege at the site. My cats and I rotate filling up the remaining slots along with Samantha from Life From a Cat's Perspective. I always appreciate your submissions, Maddie is gorgeous. This week's host is Meowza who is in paradise with your cats. He'll look after them I'm sure.

da tabbies o trout towne

guys...thanx for the shout out and Kiril is correct when he states your blog, the cat(s) blog... is deserving of note, and; should you feel it in your heart to do so, your followers would be ever so happy to see it continue in some vain; be it with a mix of the old, a hint of the new or a mix match of both...oh, and dont let Ivy fool you...word on the streets is she and Maddie live next door to one another and were last seen together at the turkey emporium, re-telling ole times ♥♥♥

Kiril & the Kitties

Thank you, my friend, for the kind words and plugs.

The variety of ways pet lovers "talk through their keyboards" is what makes our niche of the blogosphere so unique and special.

Beginning with Nikita, so long ago, I have always claimed the cats do the writing, with me as "official research assistant, photographer and Liaison with humans where the cats can't go".

As Mog wrote your contributions have been greatly appreciated & I second what da Tabbies said.


Shaggy & Scout

Heh, the rivalry continues in the Great Beyond! Makes me smile. Perhaps Scooby can lay between them in the Magnificent Sunpuddle and negotiate a detente.
Thanks for mentioning us. I am rather numb myself, things just don't seem quite "right" anymore. I guess time will help, but it sure ain't easy.
Love to you both, Lynne

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