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da tabbies o trout towne

john; in every regard to your post, I totally understand where you are coming from. while it is one of THE most difficult decisions to make, letting maddie go with dignity, and grace was the greatest gift you could have given her; second only to the love you all shared over the years. In the end, you showed maddie compassion, & quality of life; not... quantity of days... and I know were she to speak, she would say, thanx mom & dad, for everything, I love you both too. I am happy she stopped by to let you know she's now on the journey of her 10th life; we can hope she has met up with ivy and all the "greats" who had gone before. I hope she has an endless supply of turkey and cheese. In time; and when maddie deems it right, she will send another your way, and I for one would be happy to see this blog continue; be it with posts from the "early" years, a reminisce if you will with her and ivy, and possibly the introduction of "the grand kid(s). Da tabbies will miss maddie terribly; I do hope she has met up with dude and sauce; and they all sit about & meow about how cool their "peepulz act shoo a lee R "

♥♥♥♥♥ to you both


Kiril & the Kitties

I 2nd Laura's comment!

This was a fine follow-up, as much a tribute as a medical report.

It is only natural to wonder if it has all been worth it and if it's worth carrying on with the intro of a new feline someday.

Your writing HAS been worth it and will be again, in whatever form it takes, believe it.

Karen Lucas

Oh how I grieve for you. My cat Jenny also had a squamos cell under her tongue which we discovered when she went in to have her teeth cleaned. She was 16 and deeply loved. She lived another 4 months and when she began to have trouble eating, she went to the bridge as we could not bear to have her suffer. We will always miss her and now have 3 elderly rescues who we expected to be grateful to have been rescued but if so I have not noticed it.

Shaggy & Scout

All I can say is she was a mighty fine cat. Love to you both. Lynne

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