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da tabbies o trout towne

guys...a great tribute post; we did indeed stop by the above mentioned & even introduced R selves with an offer...." ta help yur selves ta whatz cookin on de grill over at TT...."

N wedge pillow...frum all oh uz in de land o trout....

lookin good ther miss plum a tood ...how manee rabbit kicks did ya get over de yeerz ~~ ♥♥♥

Kiril & the Kitties

A most powerful and eloquent post, my friend.

Shaggy & Scout

I used to read Laurence, haven't been by in some time. He had some great cats!
The wedge pillow was indeed a wonderful tool to keep detente!


OK, so I'm a teeny bit slow here. I've neglected things while my sister was here for 3 months. Spent some down time recovering, rebooting, force-quitting browsers and bugging my internet provider. I greatly appreciate Kiril for taking care of the carnival so well. And I appreciate your lovely thanks. I'm down to just one now, Ritzi. Meowza's passing was really hard on me as I know Maggie's loss must be on you. You are so gracious to thank so many kitties. It is a wonderful tribute to your cats.

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