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da tabbies o trout towne


you've done a wonderful job on the thanx tour...I know everyone mentioned appreciates the link back and the time you took to say... thanx....

there's a couple here I'l lhave to stop by and visit ~~~

a nap from blogging is well deserved; enjoy a bit of summer time fun with lady ranger as I know schools out; or is soon to be

with a bit of inspurration from maddie & ivy; you might come back to blogging about....cheese !!

and in time; the newcomer(s) at chez ranger will give you something to blog about

see you soon !!


Kiril & the Kitties

Dear John....

This tour of Thanks has been wonderful to read and an honor to share, via the Carnival of the Cats and The Opinionated Pussycat blog.

Thank you for helping spread the word about so many wonderful members of caring community of pet bloggers.

Samantha & Mom

Thank you so much the thank you tour!! It was nice to see some of our furiends we don't see so much! It was nice of you to connect us all together

John Bellen

Hello. You must have thought me rude after you commented on my blog and I failed to get back to you. The fact is that after my first visit to your blog to offer condolences, my computer would not let me comment again. Now I can. The frustrations of things I don't understand.

I read all of your stories about Maddie. Such a wonderful creature. They take over our lives in ways we don't expect and can't anticipate, these pets of ours. I am honoured by the things you wrote about Tungsten and me. It is still difficult to think of her, and difficult not to.

I will be stopping in more often, now that my computer lets me. There is fellowship in loss, and comfort in fellowship.

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