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da tabbies o trout towne

waves two ewe puddin two....N PLEEEEEEEEEEZ due KNOT drink oh de waters frum de burd bathe....knot onlee due they swim in it, bathe in it, drink frum it....they all sew... ree leeve them selves...in it....

yes, thatz just HOW stoooooooooopid...burdz IZ !!!

grate ta see ewe again...♥♥♥♥♥

N guys....all peepulz haz qualmz bout gettin a new pet....but we cats can tell ya; when WE see who WE wanna live with....we will let ewe noe itz aye oh kay; N we wanna come home with ya....promise....

john...check out maine coon rescue sometime; and I've always heard Siberian, which look very similar to maine coon, are excellent for those who suffer from allergies.

If you can get siblings or shelter mates, the chances of them getting along are far greater than just getting....two cats.

And truthfully; you might "think".... maddie did this.. or ivy did this.... when you get your new crew; I did, but it's not so much as a "comparison" of maddie and ivy specifically, as it is "cats' in general...does that make sense ?

I think each cat brings his/her own set of style and grace and quirks and mannerisms and each one means something different to us. maddie and ivy can never be "replaced" because each of them meant something special to you and lady R; but the new kitties will mean something special to you both as well, maddie and ivy will see to it...honest :) ♥♥

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